Where to Find Cheap Books

I very rarely pay full price for a book, in fact only if I’m buying a Kindle book or if I’ve been given a gift voucher will I actually pay the cover price.

If I really want a specific book I might pay up to £4 for it, but most of the books I buy I only pay 50p – £2.50.

This is a list of places I find cheap books. Proceed with caution though, this is one of the reasons our house is so full of books we have piles of them on the floors!

Market stalls

Books on a market stall

Our local market has a second-hand book seller with a really decent selection.

There’s always a few new books every time we go, it’s part of our Saturday routine now to have a quick look around after we get lunch.

Car boot sales

Books at a car boot sale

Car boot sales are where you will find the cheapest books, usually 50p but sometimes you can find them for 20p, or 3 for a pound.

There will be a lot of the same books, and endless copies of Dan Brown and Fifty Shades of Grey, but keep going back and keep searching because there will be good books there sometimes.

I managed to get nearly the full set of Trueblood books for about £4 – £5.

Charity shops

Books in a charity shop

One of the best places to find books, alongside the best sellers that everyone’s read you will find some gems.

I once found a charity shop with 5 or 6 Margaret Atwood books!

They will usually be a bit more expensive than buying at car boots or at markets, but normally they are less than £2.50.

The money goes to a good cause so you get to feel good about spending money for a change!

Second-hand bookshops

Second hand bookshop

These are few and far between but if you can find one they are good places to find popular authors or pick up something new to try.

Prices vary in these places, but if it’s over £3 then it’s expensive!


Most books are for sale on eBay a bit cheaper than full price.

If they’re popular or a bit rarer they might be closer to full price, but it’s worth a quick search if you’re after something specific.


Can be slightly cheaper than eBay, but often about the same because they have a lot of the same sellers. It’s easier to find books and compare prices on Amazon though.


Book bloggers often have giveaways – follow a few to get notified when they are running these. Don’t forget to check they will ship to your country!

Goodreads giveaways have hundreds of competitions to win free books going on all the time. It seems to be a popular way to promote new book releases.

I won a book the first time I entered some giveaways on here. They’re easy to enter so enter loads, then just see what you end up with!

It’s asked, but not expected, that you leave a review for books that you get through the giveaways.

Be careful with Goodreads though, it’s very easy to find new books you never knew about but now you just have to read. I have a list of books to read about 200 long saved on there and it’s going up instead of down.

Book swaps

Organise book swaps with your friends / family or at work.

Where I work we have a set of shelves in the canteen, any books we’ve read and what to pass on we can just leave in there. Every so often it gets cleared out so any books that have been there for a long time get taken to charity shops.

It works well, though I do get a bit sad if I leave any books that I think are amazing, and they just get ignored.

This is a good way of getting newer books or specific books that you’ve been looking for, just ask around!


Bookbub is a service that gathers together Kindle or eBook books that are on offer.

You tell it what kind of genres you like and it will email you daily with the best offers in those categories.

There are a lot of self-published or lesser known publishers on there which means that the quality isn’t always great. I have found a couple of new to me authors I like through this service, and there is occasionally a well-known author with a book on offer.


Netgalley is a website where book reviewers and book bloggers can download free copies of books before they have been released. But, in return for the free book, you have to write and publicise a review.

When you request a book, the publisher can check your profile, and look at where you publish reviews before they approve you. It helps if you have built up a bit of a following and have been reviewing books for at least a couple of months first.

It’s a bit of extra work over the other options, but there are a lot of big names on here, and you get to read a free copy before anyone else!

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