Sunshine Blogger Award

THANK YOU to Mani’s Book Corner for nominating me a Sunshine Bloggers Award!

The 11 questions I was given

  1. Do you read with the dust jacket on or do you remove it first?
    Remove it, I like to keep them nice and they just annoy me when reading with them on, they slides about and are either too high or too low, they never just sit neatly.

  3.  Favourite time for reading?
    Anytime I can get. I read at lunchtime a lot but probably Sunday afternoons when I don’t have anything else to do (very rare).

  5.  What’s your favourite book of all times?
    I can’t think of just one. Soul Music by Terry Pratchett was always a favourite when I was younger.

  7.  Do you prefer to buy brand new or used books?
    New for the smell and the feel but normally I’ll buy used. I like recycling but I also like supporting authors so I’m kinda torn with this one.

  9.  Do you use bookmarks to mark your page or anything that comes to hand?
    Anything and everything that’s around me. I have special bookmarks but if one isn’t hand then anything flat will take it’s place.

  11.  What’s the first book you owned/brought yourself?
    First book I bought myself… probably a Sweet Valley High book. I was obsessed as a teenager.

  13.  Do you read one book at a time or several at once?
    I wish I could say just one.. That’s what I prefer to do but often I end up with 2 or 3 on the go at once.

  15.  Do you break the spine or keep it as new?
    New! omg, why would you break it! The worst thing is when I lend books to my mum and they come back with the spine broken!

  17.  Have your reading habits changed since you started blogging?
    No, I don’t think so. I maybe think a bit more about how much I’m liking it when I’m reading. I judge books a bit more harshly now.

  19.  What distracts you from reading?
    My fiance. He’s always interrupting my reading to tell me about some YouTube video he’s watched. And he has this amazing ability to disturb me when I’m on the last page of a book. Every. Single. Time.

  21.  What bad book habits do you have?
    Buying too many… I’m not sure that’s a bad habit though? Piling them up in places about the house.

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